Thursday, 6 April 2017

Collaborative Enviroment and Project Viewer in a Single App

Seavus Project Viewer is a project viewer for Microsoft Project files, running on every operating system and device.

The software is used by project managers and teams who only need to open and analyze MS Project plans.

That means that large teams could save on Microsoft Project licenses, as the project viewer costs 10 times less than a standard MS Project license. But Seavus Project Viewer can not be classified only as project viewer, because the latest version of the software, Seavus Project Viewer 15 is powered with Skype for Business feature.

Now users can use Skype for Business without leaving Seavus Project Viewer application.

The seamless integration of Seavus Project Viewer with Skype for Business provides end users with the following features:
  • Online Status of team members;
  • View team members' contact cards;
  • Start Instant Messaging (IM) with any team member.
With the new features, users can view the online status and collaborate with team members in real time, share information, or find and implement faster solutions for the project issues. That's thanks to this agile approach of communication.

Recommended software for every project manager.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

How to Improve Your Productivity Using Google?

This is a PC Unleashed tutorial on improving your productivity using Google.

Now, Google is the place virtually everyone turns when they want to execute a basic web search.

But did you know that they also offer built-in search tools for various specialized search goals?

Let’s look at a few of these… 

Need to know whether you’ll need your umbrella today?

Just type weather, along with the city name or zip code, and get instant access to your forecast.

The process is very similar when looking to catch a flick at your local cineplex.

Type movies and the location, and then click the link for complete listings.

And this is just the beginning. For local sports scores, enter your team name [Detroit Lions].

Want to know if your wife’s flight made it in on time?

Just type the airline and the flight number [Delta 44].

But Google can do much more than highlight local weather and events.

For example, converting units of measurement is a matter of typing in exactly what you want to know. [1 liter in cups].

It works for weight, volume, distance, you name it.

Similar to this is the currency converter, [500 dollars in euro] which lets you view exchange rates for any currency pair you can think of.

For general reference, you can leave bulky dictionaries and atlases on the bookshelf.

Just type define and then the word [define reticent].

For instant access to a map of anywhere, simply enter its location and then type map [oakland ca map].

Looking up public information has never been easier.

You can access the population or unemployment rate of a state or county merely by typing the term along with the location [population los angeles].

If you want to see how your company’s stock is doing, just enter its ticker symbol [AAPL].

Other tidbits of information are also accessible, like phone numbers, patent numbers, and tracking numbers.

If you seek it, it’s likely Google can find it for you…